SOS – Save our Surf, began as a civic movement, supported by a technical team to protect against coastal works in the surf where the surf was not being considered.  It is not a radical movement but a highly technical organization with the best intentions to resolve surf related problems.

As a civic movement SOS evolved from SOS Santo Amaro, which began in late 2002 and culminated in an agreement with the Câmara Municipal de Oeiras who protected the wave at Santo Amaro.  The pinnacle of SOS was in 2005 during SOS Carcavelos, where historically the Cascais Municipal Council decided, for the sake of the surf, waves and to preserve the landscape and beach at Carcavelos.

Presently, the new challenges of surfing led us to transform this movement into a civic non-governmental Environmental organization (NGO).

The soul of S.O.S. | Spirit of the Mission

Protect and Preserve:

• Intervene in potentially threatening coastal projects
• Attempt to create a national surf heritage
• Try to include the surf in environmental impact studies and to improve the waves in coastal areas.
• Creation of artificial reefs for surfing
• Characterization of waves
• Define the potential for surfing coastlines


As a non professional organization, SOS has several teams in order to distribute tasks and to meet its objectives.  Each member of SOS has the potential to integrate diverse teams and some in cases cross over into others, but each team has a defined responsibility.

1)    Environmental and coastal dynamics

This team is responsible for performing technical studies for the protection of our waves, coasts and their users, environmental studies on areas such as artificial reefs with multiple purposes and promoting new technology, promoting surfing reserves, promoting new legislation to protect the surf.
The work of this team is mostly local and assesses wave after wave, beach after beach.

This team is led by Pedro Bicudo with Ana Horta and Rita Marteleira as support.  Joao Brilhante and Lourenco Fernandes also play an important role on this team.

2) Integration of Surfing into society

This team is responsible for conducting economic, sociological, educational, historical and touristic studies to analyse the impact of surfing on our society and vice versa.  A core objective of this team is to develop a strategic plan.  Another objective is to integrate surfing and SOS into forums and important national debates.

This team is supported by Pedro Adão, Pedro Silva, Nuno Jonet and Miguel Ruivo.

3) Actions and Events.

This team is active in the surfing community organizing or participating in rescuing waves and beaches and as well as attracting members, donations and selling merchandise.  It is also works in association with other events and movements of surfers to directly promote surfing to the population in general.

This team is led by Pedro Monteiro and can directly involve many partners in its activities.

4) Media, website and financing

This team is responsible for promoting the objectives and activities of the three previous teams, managing our web site and social groups on facebook and other media channels.  It also aims to publicise all of SOS´s activities.

It also seeks funding from sponsorship and branding from the Surfing industry, as well as other big brands and Portuguese business groups.

Despite these two purposes seeming disconnected, the means are similar and hence their integration.

This team is led by Guillerme Garcia (Media and Website) and Manuel V. Preto (Finance), with the support of Marta Fernandes.