For the second consecutive year, SOS – Save our Surf participated in the most important international conference on the protection of waves: the “Global Waves Conference” (GWC).

Ran over the past 6th , 7th and 8th May in Rosarito the Mexican city that lies a few kilometres from Todos os Santos Bay, one of the six World Surfing Reserves.  The “Global Waves Conference 3 ” was an initiative that brought together associations from around the world, working for the protection of waves around the planet.

After the second edition of the GWC, held in Biarritz, France and San Sebastian, Spain, where the discussions and debates between the various associations focused on the value of waves and the threats to surfing areas, this year the organization put forward the challenge to all participants to find the answer to the question “How best do we work together?”.

With a record attendance of more than 50 people and representatives from 19 different organizations, the GWC was a real success.  Besides the sharing of experiences among the various associations of case studies such as the Mexican Baja, innovative programs were also discussed and proactive strategies for the protection of waves, as well as new tools for action in this area. Represented by its vice president, Pedro Monteiro, SOS – Save our Surf presented the Portuguese situation and the Association. Waves lost in Portugal, Evolution of Surfing in Portugal, Politics of the Sea and  Surfing Regulatory were some of the topics covered during the lecture. However, the highlight of the conference coincided with the signing of a “memorandum” of all associations.  A document that reveals the degree of commitment, enthusiasm and accountability of all associations that were represented at the GWC.

Also during the GWC, a meeting was held by the Visionary Council of World Surfing Reserves, which was also attended by Pedro Bicudo, president of SOS, via skype.  This meeting studied the consecration of new World Reserves and evaluated the performance of existing Reserves. For Pedro Monteiro, vice president of SOS, the participation of the Portuguese Association in such initiatives is critical to the growth of the Association. “Being with the representatives of all those Associations for the protection of waves and surfing was an excellent experience and a great learning experience.  Each area of the globe has its peculiarities and its main concerns, they also have surfing at different stages of development, so at the same time it allows us to both contribute and to learn about some of the cases for any difficulties that we may suffer in Portugal.  Protecting the surf is much more than just protecting the wave itself, it’s all the surroundings, an entire culture, way of life and the various contributions that surfing can give.  At this conference there was much talk of networking and the economic value of surfing (Surfonomics), which in a way is already being established in Portugal. “

Organizations represented:

- Protected Marinas Areas (Costa Rica)

- Bodhi Surf School (Costa Rica)


- Federacion Canarias Surf – Federacion Española de Surf (Espanhã)

- Gobierno del Estado de Baja California (Mexico)


- Pronatura (Mexico)

- SOS – Save our Surf (Portugal)

- Save The Waves Coalition (USA)

- Surf-Ens (Mexico)

- Surfers Environmental Alliance (USA)

- Surfers Against Sewage (UK)

- Surfrider Foundation Europe (France)

- Surfrider Foundation U.S. (United States)

- United Athletes of the Pacific Ocean (USA / Mexico)

- UC Irvine (USA)

- Waveloch (USA)

- Waves for Development International (USA, Switzerland, Peru)

- Wildcoast / CostaSalvaje (USA / Mexico)