At  16 of November, “Day of the Sea”, SOS – Save our Surf asked the Secretary of State of the Sea, Dr. Pinto de Abreu, that the surf is considered in Environmental Impact Assessments, in order to prevent more waves being damaged, leading to the economic losses of several million euros, and the weakening of the oceanic culture of Portugal.

“Year after year the sea is ever regaining the place that it should have kept in the hearts and minds of the Portuguese. The sea is within us, in our poetry, our food, the air we breathe and in our personality. And the surf, this obsession that unites urban areas to the sea, is increasingly present in our cultural and economic reality.  Even so, the surf is still not considered in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of private coastal works or public intervention, “reads the opening of the letter to the Government’s Secretary of State of the Sea.

SOS reinforces the importance of the various national surfing entities to be heard whenever the surf is involved in coastal projects as well as small traders and entrepreneurs, who are ultimately responsible for about 80% of the economy of our coast. We also passed on the first preliminary results of the “VOW – Value of Waves and Ocean Culture” study, a ground breaking worldwide study about the importance of surfing.