In 2012, Portuguese beaches will apply for and be voted in the election for the “7 Wonders -
Beaches of Portugal ®”, a great project that aims to promote the very best of our country
and to which SOS – Save our Surf associates with.

The application phase for the election of the “7 Wonders – Beaches of Portugal ®” has been
running since 2nd December on a micro-site created for this purpose (  The organisation has received applications from some of the most iconic national beaches and is hoping that by 15th January 2012 the number of applications will surpass the amount reached in 2011. This phase, as well as the remaining phases of the selection process, is closely monitored by the Scientific Council composed of seven entities: The State Department of Environment and Regional Planning, The Portuguese Navy, the European Blue Flag Association (ABAE); GEOTA; The Nature Protection League, Quercus, and SOS – Save our Surf, The National Association for the Protection of the Surf.

“I find it highly prestigious for surfing in general and for SOS – Save our Surf in particular,
that they have been invited to join the Scientific Council for an event of this calibre. Proof
that wave sports are being recognised by society as a central element in beach and costal
culture, not only for their sport element but also in an environmental perspective, “explains
Manuel Valadas Preto, vice president of SOS – Save our Surf.

As a member of the Scientific Council of this initiative, SOS – Save our Surf supports the
organisation and is closely following the election, providing support in various stages of the
decisions process. The first phase requires the Council to support scientific and technical
validation of all applications received by the organisation.

Highlighted later in the process is SOS’s involvement in the constitution of the panel of 70
experts who choose the 70 pre-finalists and the integration of the Scientific Council into the
Panel of experts who define the 21 finalists for public voting.

The 70 pre-finalists will be known on 7th February and the 21 finalists will be revealed on 7th
May.  Public voting will run from 7th May to 7th September on the official website by
telephone, SMS and Facebook.

For more information visit the SOS- Save our Surf Facebook page: