For about a week, good weather, good waves and the best surfers in the world drew hundreds of people to the picturesque town of Ericeira. In collaboration with Quiksilver and the Quiksilver Foundation, SOS – Save our Surf was present at the 2011 Quiksilver Pro Portugal at Ribeira d’Ilhas beach part of the World Surf Reserve in Ericeira, to promote the mission of SOS and the work that this expanding association has been developing in recent years.

In an unprecedented partnership bound by “green ties” with the Quiksilver brand, the Quiksilver Foundation and the directors and volunteers of SOS, provided the public with information on the recent election of the World Surf Reserve in Ericeira and the importance of the preservation of these waves for surfing.

The SOS Environmental team, led by Ana Horta and Rita Marteleira felt it necessary to ensure the environmental management of the WQS prime event. Along with the Quiksilver Foundation they prepared a list of measures to minimize the environmental impacts of the competition. These measures were prepared with special consideration towards the event taking place at one of the seven beaches of the World Surf Reserve. Despite the enormous value of our waves for surfing, Portugal has not managed to preserve the waves in their true natural state for surfing in the majority of our coastal regions. Thus, such measures are crucial in a competition the size of the Quiksilver Pro 2011.

During the championship SOS carefully checked their compliance with the environmental checklist. The public also showed great spirit and nearly all the spectators respected the limitations when viewing from the cliffs, used the recycling containers and properly parked their vehicles.

Tiago Pires and Quiksilver’s valuable support to S.O.S.

SOS is grateful to Quiksilver and all the volunteers for their support and dedication during the event. We would also like to thank the speakers at the competition for their tireless efforts highlighting the work of SOS as well as Tiago Pires who donated a precious board and the Quiksilver Foundation who donated T-shirts that were very important for fundraising, SOS appreciates all these efforts.
At this event, SOS was able to raise valuable funds for the continuation of their projects to help the preservation of surfing, not only by selling SOS – Quiksilver Foundation t-shirts, but also the funds raised from the draw of the signed surfboard donated by Tiago Pires.

SOS is now stronger, with more funds and volunteers to continue its mission!