Still on the issue of the planning of the official holiday season calendar and the management of bathing areas in relation to wave sports and bathers, the Azores has taken the forefront in the country with clearly marked surf zones.

Recently surfers have become the subject of discussion due to the rescues they have made prior to the start of the holiday season calling for concern over the management and planning of our beaches.  The Azores has clearly marked surf zones which take predominance over other uses like bathing and has extended the bathing season to run all year long.

The DLR was approved by the regional parliament and now just waiting for its publication.

Two very important notes:

A) It also provides that development plans applicable to the coastal areas define reserved areas for “wave sports and windsurfing and in these areas the practice of these sports takes precedence over all other uses including bathing. “

B) In turn, the duration of the holiday season for each bathing area is defined “in accordance with the periods in which large numbers of bathers are expected and taking into account the climatic and geophysical characteristics of each area or location, and social interests or its own environmental location.”

As stipulated in law, the bathing season for each location is fixed by government decree, and in the absence of that definition, the bathing season runs from 1 st June to 30th September every year.  This law is an achievement in itself but also for the community of surfers and bodyboarders and their regional associations.

So to saving lives and saving waves!