S.O.S. has been following the issue of Rabo de Peixe. This triangular peak in the middle of the Bay of Rabo de Peixe was the best wave of island São Miguel, an excellent training ground for power surfing that characterizes the surfers of the islands, a peak that often had very consistent waves up to 4m with a good wall for both the left and right.

But this peak has disappeared for nearly a decade with the construction of the existing breakwater of the Fishing Port.  At that time the economic and social interest overrode the fishing port against the value of surfing.  However fishermen remain dissatisfied with the Port, which has not met their expectations.
There is still another wave, the Left ‘Police’, along the cliffs of the west side of the bay, a big wave point break.  It is this wave that surfers on the island of São Miguel are now trying to preserve because of the proposal to build an extension of the Rabo de Peixe Port.
S.O.S. will do whatever it can to support the movement of surfers from Rabo de Peixe for local surfers.  Azoreans associations are all converging to solve the problem without radicalism and with unanimity.
S.O.S. has members who belong to different associations or groups of Azoreans surfers such as the WRA ASSM AST, the USBA (associations listed in alphabetical order).  SOS – Save our Surf has already contacted the associations and offered its full support including technical support for the peaceful resolution of this issue.
Surfers are collecting information about the project for Rabo de Peixe and the Regional Government has already submitted the draft to the fishermen at a public meeting.  There will be a gathering of surfers in a few months, in which SOS should be attending.

To prepare our participation in the meeting, we are writing a technical report on the wave at Rabo de Peixe, for which we have asked for the assistance of João Brilhante.  Our goal would possibly include the following chapters in the report:
1 – The surf at Rabo de Peixe (a-b-hydrodynamics and society);
2 – Improving the navigability of the harbour;
3 – Improving the surf and the port.
The main contributor will be
João Brilhante, an Azorean surfer with an extensive experience in oceanography and also knowledge of the fishermen concerns, who also presented a lecture at the 7th International Surfing Reef Symposium in Australia in 2010 (co-authored with Nuno Cardoso and Prof. Pedro Bicudo) titled ” Surf & Reef Harbour Protection, Mosteiros Azores “, dedicated to surfing and navigability of the Monasteries, also on the island of São Miguel.