The environmental association S.O.S. – Save the Surf, in partnership with the Creative Cultural Association, organizer of the MUSA Festival organized a rally on 30 June 2010 at 1pm to remind us of the vital importance of oceans in our lives.

Various surfers with their boards came together at Marques de Pombal in the heart of Lisbon, to highlight this cause, because “More than half the oxygen we breathe comes from the oceans, Do you care?”.

“We want to raise awareness for the preservation and salvation of the oceans”, explains Pedro Bicudo president of SOS “And we did this in a very creative and innovative way leading our boards to Marques de Pombal,” he adds.  Commenting on the progress of SOS Pedro Bicudo said that “this year we have taken the association a step further towards the future transformation of SOS to Non-Governmental Environmental Organization (NGO), now that we are nearing our goal of having over 2000 members.”